Ten Outstanding Young Persons

Highlighting the accomplishments of these young active citizens in a variety of fields inspires us to be better and realize our full potential as active citizens.




Active Citizens


JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons  

From entrepreneur experts to humanitarian heroes we look for the outstanding young leaders who are making a true difference and inspiring others across the country.

The TOYP program serves to formally recognize young people who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes of the world's young people.

Member Name
JCI Chapter President

JCI TOYP serves to formally recognise young people who excel in their chosen fields and create positive change. By recognising these young people, JCI raises the status of socially responsible leaders in the world. The honorees motivate their peers to seek excellence and serve others. Their stories of discovery, determination and ingenuity inspire young people to be better leaders and create better societies.

Young men and women from around Ireland will be nominated in one of ten categories. 

  • Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment
  • Business, Economic, and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment
  • Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs
  • Medical Innovation
  • Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership
  • Cultural Achievement
  • Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment
  • Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights
  • Scientific and/or Technological Development
  • Moral and/or Environmental Leadership

Must be between the ages of 18-40
If successful must be able to attend the JCI Local Awards final.

We have been lucky enough to have had a number of Outstanding Young People represent us on the World Stage:

  • 2020 Member Name (Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishments)
  • 2019 Member Name (Scientific and/or Technological Development)
  • 2018 Member Name (Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights)
  • 2017 Member Name (Humanitarian and/or Voluntary leadership)
  • 2016 Member Name (Humanitarian and/or Voluntary leadership)
  • 2015 Member Name (Scientific and/or Technological Development)
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